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Examples of homes we've sold recently

Examples of homes we've sold recently

Everything you need, only on Brik

Everything you need, only on Brik

Commission only 0,95%

That's approx 1% less than the traditional agencies fee and thousands in savings for your pocket

International reach

We’ll help you put your home on the market and attract qualified international buyers looking to invest in Greece

25% faster sale

Fewer days on market means more value for you. Our listings spend up to 25% less time on market than the industry average

Professional listing

Make your property stand out from the rest with our 360° virtual tours, HD photos, and professional presentation

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The digital valuation tool is based on a series of variables such as the address of the apartment, the size, the condition, the year of construction etc. as well as the volume of transactions in your area. Based on this information and by analysing hundreds of thousands of data in real time, the tool returns an estimated price range for your apartment.

Our goal is through our digital valuation tool to offer you an accurate and direct appraisal of your property. The result of the appraisal of your apartment is based on actual transactions, current prices of similar properties in your area as well as other statistical data. However, the valuation is not binding in case you want to proceed with the sale, the price is always discussed with the seller after we first check the property.

Unlike a traditional agent, we don’t just display listings waiting to find a buyer. Sellers cooperating with Brik skip the hassle of unnecessary viewings and months of uncertainty, typically facing with traditional agents. Instead of promoting your property to the local market, we create a complete professional presentation of your property and promote it exclusively to reliable foreign buyers who are interested in investing in Greece.

Yes! Although you do not need a broker to sell your property through Brik, we respect the agreements you already have. If you work exclusively with Brik then we charge only 0,95%+VAT of the final sale price of your property! If you prefer to work with other brokers then our fee will be 1.95%+VAT.

It usually does not take us more than 60 days to find the next owner. Our properties are sold much sooner than the market average. We do not just promote the properties in various platforms waiting for a random buyer to contact us.. we forward properties to our exclusive network of qualified buyers, for who we already know what kind of properties they are looking for and the amount of investment they are willing to invest

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